Chelsea FC : Oscar or Juan Mata for #10 position?

Oscar - Juan Mata #10 role

Since Jose Mourinho has stated that he wants to put Juan Mata on the right flank as the only left footed player of Chelsea that fits RW position, it leaves a question for Chelsea fans, “Who will play the Centre Attacking Midfielder  or #10 spot?”.

As we know, Juan Mata was irreplaceable in the centre for Chelsea. General of Chelsea attack.

Time changes, Jose Mourinho has come to fill the manager seat, and i can say every player has to fight for the starting positions in every role.

For the CAM or #10 position, Chelsea have Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Oscar Dos Santos, Kevin De Bruyne, and Lucas Piazon. But to be honest, i think it’s between Juan Mata and Oscar, since Hazard and De Bruyne are likely to play on the flanks and Lucas Piazon is likely to go on loan.

Oscar Dos Santos, who was signed in 2012 summer transfer window, is originally a Centre Attacking Midfielder. He was forced to play on the right flank last season, and couldn’t find his best performance in that position.

Mata - Oscar

In this pre-season Guinness International Championship, under Jose Mourinho Oscar has been played as the starting CAM instead of Juan Mata in 2 matches (against Inter Milan and AC Milan). In the first game (against Inter Milan), he answered the doubts by scoring a stunning goal.

Could he replace Juan Mata in #10 position?

I’ll make the comparison between Oscar and Juan Mata for Center Attacking Midfielder position. Not the statistics, but the style of play.

Juan Mata

Juan Mata’s capacity for the CAM position is undoubtedly incredible. 2 Chelsea PoTY awards of his first 2 years in Chelsea kit, and Premier League PoTY nominee last season, say it all.

Juan Mata has better attacking vision than Oscar, he dictates the game, makes more key passes and creates more chances for other team mates than Oscar. The player often crosses the ball or lob passes it into the penalty box, an incredible playmaker. Mata also has very good ball retention and finishing touch.

Juan Mata is also a very good set-piece taker.

Mata #10 position

Oscar Dos Santos

Oscar, with his agility, offers different taste for Chelsea midfield. The Brazil International often dribbles the ball and makes short passes. Even though he makes less chances, the player provides long-range shot from outside the box of the opponents. Unlike Juan Mata, Oscar also has box to box ability. He travels the field, tracks back, tackles, and intercepts. His defensive contribution is far better than Juan Mata.

Oscar #10 position

Juan Mata is an advanced playmaker, who can also play as shadow striker, whilst Oscar is more a traditional playmaker, but also a box to box midfielder. Different taste

Does #10 position always need very great playmaker? Yes it needs the player with playmaking ability, but it depends to the manager.

For example Thomas Muller of Barcelona. He plays in #10 position, without a very good playmaking ability for Bayern Munich. He is a box to box player, who runs for 90 minutes, and still wins the game for the club. He makes it to the starting spot, ahead of Toni Kroos, who is a very good playmaker.

Oscar - Juan Mata

In Juan Mata – Oscar case, if I had to choose for the starter, I wouldn’t think twice, it’s Juan Mata. But there are times that Juan Mata is underperformed, that Chelsea need Oscar to replace him on the field. And anyway Chelsea cannot have only Juan Mata for the #10 role, they always need alternative option(s), and Oscar Dos Santos is the “Plan B”. -Crissandy

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  1. CFC1905 · · Reply

    Jose Mourinho seems liking Oscar more than Mata. But Mata is still our best player. Can’t wait to see the competition between both!

  2. Steve Blue Johnson · · Reply

    Its good to have different type of players in same position. It will be harder for enemies to predict our tactic. I prefer Oscar though, more versatile!

  3. Steve Blue Johnson · · Reply

    Its good to have different type of playes in same position. It will be harder for enemies to predict our tactic. I prefer Oscar though, more versatile!

  4. TheChelseaLad · · Reply

    Mata hasn’t had enough time with the squad after Confeds cup. After he adapts to Mou’s tactic, he will be the boss as usual.

  5. LevyKirk360 · · Reply

    Good read mate. I’ve always thought about this, thank God you posted it.

    Oscar has shown his capacity as CAM in Brazil, whilst Mata is even struggling to get the winger spot for Spain. I know Spain have incredible players, but giving Oscar the CAM position will be better option for the future since he’s younger.

    1. Steve Blue Johnson · · Reply

      Agreed. Mata is too predictable, and his crossing ability makes him fit the winger position!

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